The Oregon Queen–May 2020

The Oregon Queen–May 2020

May 5, 2020 Off By Lois Forester

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020 Samantha Henricks!

“All dressed up with nowhere to go.” I think most everyone can relate to these words, myself included! Being a “Quarantine Queen” is not all it is cracked up to be and not to mention the stir crazy feeling I have being cooped up at home! I feel for the rodeo contestants, stock contractors, personnel and committees. Most of these people rely on rodeo to make ends meet and to have cancellation after cancellation is making for a difficult 2020.

My day-to-day life has not changed much as I work in healthcare and have been fortunate enough to stay working during this time. From testing to treating to preventing, operations at Siskiyou Community Health Center have been revolving around the COVID19 pandemic. Though I am happy to be able to help my community, if I never had to say, “COVID Hotline, this is Sam, how can I help you?”, ever again, I would be perfectly content!

With my Miss Rodeo Oregon appearances canceling left and right, I have taken to social media to reach out to the rodeo family. I have started the “Oregon Queen Spotlight”, a bi-weekly post that gives recognition to queens within the state of Oregon who work hard to promote their rodeos and associations. I have also started “Senior Sunday” where I am posting weekly to recognize OHSET, FFA and 4H seniors whose years have been cut short due to the pandemic. Lastly, and quite frankly my favorite, is a weekly Facebook Live I started and so cunningly named “Saturday Night Live”. Here, I have been interviewing queens, rodeo contestants, and members of the rodeo family to keep fans up to date. It’s also been a great way to let viewers learn a little more about rodeo and its contestants, all while providing some funny stories and good laughs!

Though this year is not going to plan for most everyone, not just in rodeo, but nationwide. I am trying to make the best of the situation and have enjoyed the time I get to spend at home with my family. I hope all of you are making the best of an unfortunate situation and have found a silver lining. I am thinking of you all, hoping that you stay healthy, safe, and most importantly... sane! I will keep my fingers crossed that sooner, rather than later, we will get all dressed up and actually have somewhere to go!


Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2020 Ainsley Goughnour!

Wow, who would have guessed a few short months ago that I’d be writing my monthly recap still in quarantine! Even though I’ve missed several events and rodeos that I was really looking forward to, I’ve been keeping busy reaching out to sponsors, sash sisters, youth and people in the rodeo community.

I’ve been staying active on social media posting videos and participating in Facebook Live interviews. My first interview was with Sam, Miss Rodeo Oregon. It was great to actually be able to see each other face to face even though we were miles apart. My second Facebook Live was with Miss Teen Rodeo Missouri, Molly Below. You see, a few months ago I began a group chat with all the state teen queens so that we could get to know each other and learn from each other's titles. Little did I know that we would form instant friendships. Molly and I had a great time on our Live chat. It was like two old friends just hanging out. I loved every minute of it. Since then, the Teen Queens have had a Zoom call and we are planning more live events on social media.

Another way that I’ve been able to reach out to youth is by sending signed autograph sheets to kids for their birthdays or just for fun to help brighten their day. I received the sweetest little thank you card from one of the little girls that I sent a birthday wish to. Knowing that I can still touch people's lives while in quarantine has brightened my spirits and kept me searching for ways to reach out.

One of the biggest highlights of the month was getting a call from the MRO President, Jr./Teen Advisor and Pageant Director. During this call, they explained to me their desire for me to reach the goals that I had set for myself and my year as Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2020 and they offered me the option to extend my title through 2021. I can’t express to you enough the joy that brought to me. Tears flowed down my face, knowing that they believed in me enough and wanted only the best for me by offering me this once in a lifetime opportunity. For those of you reading this that were planning on competing for a 2021 title but are no longer able to because of all the changes, please don’t give up on your dream. Keep preparing and you will rock it when the time comes.

When the MRO media director suggested we do some modeling videos of some of our outfits for this month's newsletter, I was super excited. With all of the cancellations, I haven’t been able to wear many of the outfits that I had put together. This gave me a chance to get fancy and have some fun while locked down at home. I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoyed making them.

I hope you all stay safe and I can’t wait to get out and see you down the rodeo road.

Ainsley, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon

My amazing new autograph sheets designed by Thomas Duncan Photography

We decided to put my chaps and serape out as decoration until I’m able to use them again.

Our State Teen Queen Zoom Call

My “Happy Easter” picture

Getting ready for my Facebook Live interview with Miss Teen Rodeo Missouri, Molly Below

Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020 Morgan Brownell!

This month I was invited to help at the Animal Avenue in Keizer. It was held over one weekend and I got to see so many animals like snakes, turtles, long horns and many more. I also got to greet people as they came in. It was like a drive-thru zoo. They all stayed in their cars but still got to see all the animals.

Sam and I also held a live video where we talked about our year, how we are adjusting to the current times and we did a little q & a.

One other exciting thing that happened to me this month is I got a phone call from a couple of our board members. Julie, MROIF President, asked me if I would want to extend my year through 2021. What an amazing opportunity they have given me and of course I said yes about as fast as I could! I am so honored that the board feels like I am able to handle the job for another year. I am looking forward to more upcoming events, whether it be more live videos, social media posts or maybe even attending an appearance.

Hope everyone is staying safe--Morgan








David and Lindy Stueve of All Star Tents, one of my top sponsors!

Meet the President of Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation!

Greetings! I was asked to give a little different message this month about my background with the western lifestyle and why I support Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation and Miss Rodeo America.

I was raised on a small farm in Salem, Oregon where I was an active 4-H member for nine years. My projects were horse, sheep, and flowers. I started with a grade mare that liked reverse better than forward and ended with a registered quarter horse mare “Hairpin Liz”. After 4-H, I went on to show her in reining at open and AQHA-approved shows.

I was a member of several courts, but being Queen of the Phil Sheridan Days Rodeo was my most memorable. There was the white brocade suit that had to be dry cleaned after every performance, making a Queen’s run on “Liz” as she kicked dirt into the grandstands while going full out around the arena,  the friendships made with other Royalty and, of course, everyone went to St. Paul and Sisters.

I worked for the State of Oregon for 35 years. I held several positions, but most were in Social Services. I retired from the State but quickly failed at retirement and have been working as a Disability Consultant for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde for the last 15 years.

During these years I also became a judge for the 4-H program, OHSET, OHA, OFEA, as well as Rodeo Queen Pageants. I still judge, give clinics and lessons, and do a little horse training. Working with youth--watching them grow and succeed--is very gratifying. I currently live on 24 acres in Salem, Oregon where I raise beef cattle. No horses, as with all my activities there just isn’t time for one!

I became a member of Miss Rodeo Oregon in 2003 and Miss Rodeo America in 2014. I am a member of the National Advisory Council for MRA. Since becoming a member of MROIF, I have had the opportunity to work with many of our titleholders before and after their reigns. Helping with their horsemanship skills and knowledge base and providing overall support is such a rewarding experience.

I am looking forward to the rest of this year, but with the current restrictions from the Corona Virus we will proceed day by day. We have three very talented titleholders for 2020--Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Morgan Brownell, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Ainsley Goughnour, and Miss Rodeo Oregon Samantha Henricks. Our Queens Clinic with 2019 Miss Rodeo America Taylor McNair has been rescheduled to October 2020. Our 2021 Miss Rodeo Oregon Queen Pageant is still scheduled for August 2020 during the Clackamas County Fair and Canby Rodeo.

With all that is happening, our Executive Board members are more important than ever. The Board made the decision to extend the reign of our 2020 Junior and Teen Miss Rodeo Oregon through December 31, 2021. We lost our venue for the Junior/Teen Pageant as the Tillamook Fair and Rodeo was cancelled for 2020. The young ladies had so many goals for promoting agriculture and Rodeo with Oregon’s youth through school visits, youth and NPRA Rodeos, parades and other personal appearances. The Board looked at several options, but felt that allowing them to go forward with support from MROIF and their families would be the best solution. At this time, we are still waiting for a decision from the Governor as to the future of social gatherings to allow Samantha to hold her coronation. Miss Rodeo America is not allowing State Queens to be carried over for 2021. Look for future fundraising activities and updates on Samantha’s schedule as they are known. Patience, understanding and support are the key words we are using now.

Until next month,
Julie Singer, President MROIF

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2021 Pageant

Fingers Crossed!

Fall Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic!