Miss Rodeo Oregon exists to Educate, Elevate and Inspire!

The Miss Rodeo Oregon Inc. Foundation is an organization made up of volunteers who believe in the advancement of Oregon youth. Through MROIF, young women from the state of Oregon have the opportunity to promote Oregon and professional rodeo, utilizing their public relations skills and public speaking ability.
Mission Statement
Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation works to promote a positive image of rodeo, while preserving our western heritage through education, leadership development, and personal growth with the highest level of integrity.

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Miss Rodeo Oregon Core Values

"The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.”   ~Harold Taylor
Our Core Values guide our vision, strategic planning, goal setting, culture, and day-to-day decision-making.  They represent what we consider “non-negotiable” principles about how we work together to achieve results.

1.  Partner Effectively to Achieve Our Goals

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.
The concept of “partnering” stems from our strong belief that we can achieve greater results through our combined efforts than any one person could contribute alone. People who partner effectively know they don’t have all the talent or answers and must embrace the individual creativity and initiative of others.  Successful partners are there for each other and know and respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Partners take responsibility for each other’s success by contributing to a final result, building on strengths and compensating for limitations, taking personal accountability, and arriving at the best solution for all.

2.  Act with Integrity, Openness, and Respect

“Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.”
~U Thant
Regardless of our roles or positions of authority in the organization, we act with the highest level of integrity, remain open to new ideas, and treat every individual with the greatest respect.  Respecting others involves tolerance, patience, trust, and an inherent belief that people intend to do the right thing.

3.  Seize Opportunities with Curiosity and Initiative

“The answers are not important until the questions are asked.”
~Kurt Hahn
Our challenge is to ask the right questions. We yearn always for a better way, more complete answers, to understand what is unknown or ambiguous, or to anticipate the next trend.  We are different because curiosity allows us to find the unique ideas that often come from outside “the beaten path.”

4.  Do What’s Right and Focus on Long-Term Results

“Always do right.  This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” ~Mark Twain
Often, when facing a difficult decision, we come to a crossroad.  We must always choose the path that leads us to the best result, despite the fact that it may mean traveling through tougher terrain, and refraining from the straight, smooth and easy way.  Doing what is right takes discipline, courage, and respect for principle; it leads to long-term improvement and reward.  Expediency may have short-term benefit, but long-term weakness.  Do what is right and it will strengthen all involved.
“The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts; that’s the point of our organization--we do together what we cannot do alone.  If we don’t try to unite our organization’s work, what have we got?  We are the formal evidence of society that represents the belief, the hope, the faith that mankind is capable of working together.”  ~ Richard Eyre Utopia & Other Places: Memoir of a Young Director
Our Goals provide our organization with clear purpose, direction, and structure.  Individual committee goals should support the organization’s Goals.
Financial Strength
Maintain a financially sound base of operations through a balanced or a surplus budget that includes diverse contributions or fundraisers, and revenue sourcing.
To provide strong education in the areas of leadership, public speaking, and public relations for the advancement of Oregon’s youth through MROIF programs.
To educate, guide, and support Oregon’s Rodeo Ambassadors in promoting a positive image of rodeo and preservation of our western heritage through their reign, thus to establish them into the leaders of the coming generations to represent Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation.
To increase the productivity of our committees by establishing measurable objectives and having well-defined roles of each committee that includes all members and their various areas of expertise.
To increase the level of communication between Executive Board, our general membership, and committee chairpersons by utilizing tools on the new corporation website members section, having well-defined job descriptions for Board of Directors, and to develop procedural documents for each Board position and Committee Chair role.
Appreciation (Respect)
To increase the acknowledgement of member participation in our programs and to show appreciation and mutual respect by improving communications between all members of the corporation through development of our corporation website, use of existing committee structure, and other forms of communication and other special acknowledgements as per Board of Directors.
 MRO, Inc. Foundation Code of Ethics 
            We endorse and promote the following values and conduct in order to achieve the Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation mission.  Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation is a professional organization made up of volunteers who believe in the advancement of Oregon youth and we hereby establish the following Code of Ethics to guide us in the performance of our duties:

I. Core Values (see Goals/Core Values document Adopted 2005)

Partner Effectively to Achieve Our Goals
Act with Integrity, Openness, and Respect
Seize Opportunities with Curiosity and Initiative
Do What’s Right and Focus on Long-Term Results

II. Code of Ethics

Integrity– We recognizes the authority of our organization as a symbol of public faith, and accept that faith as a public trust, which demands integrity in all that we do.
Cooperation-- We recognize the value of cooperation and stand committed to work with other organizations and the public to achieve results that provide a common benefit to all.
Leadership & Respect-- We recognize the importance of respect in our dealings with all people, and shall demonstrate an unfailing commitment to the fair treatment of all individuals without regard to gender, religion, sexual orientation, culture, age, or race.
Communication & Accountability-- We recognize the necessity of high performance standards, and will strive to maintain a degree of excellence in the performance of our duties that ensures public confidence in the mission of MROIF.   We will strive to communicate effectively in all we do.  As an organization, we strive for excellence.  As individuals, we pledge loyalty to the ideals of our western heritage, providing for a positive image of rodeo through the education of young women in the areas of public speaking and leadership. We recognize that the support gained in return fosters a common purpose of compatibility between rodeo’s ambassadors, competitors, and committees that we serve.
Membership Oath:  
I __________________, state the information stated above is true and accurate.  I hereby agree to become familiar with the Bylaws, Core Values, Mission Statement, and Code of Conduct (on reverse side of this document) of the Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation and any other rules adopted by MROIF, and I agree to comply with and be bound by the same. I further agree, as part of my agreement to comply with and be bound by the MROIF Bylaws, Official Code of Conduct and any other rules adopted by MROIF, to the terms of Bylaws Article II Sections 2.1-2.13, the text of which is contained in the corporation's Adopted Bylaws document.
III.  MROIF Misconduct Procedures
Misconduct includes but is not limited to:
  1. Persistent failure to comply with rules, code of conduct or the directions of MROIF.
  2. Failure to treat other members in a courteous manner.
  3. Profane or abusive language.
  4. Theft, damage or destruction of property at an MROIF activity.
  5. Intentional cheating at any MROIF sanctioned pageant or event.
  6. Assaults or threats of harm to people, animals, or property.
  7. Unlawful or misuse related to addictive behaviors including but not limited to narcotics, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
  8. Directions from audience while a contestant is performing during any pageant events are strongly discouraged.
  9. Abuse, misuse or neglect of equine.
These are considered minimum standards of conduct.
  1. It is required that each member get a written copy of their Code of conduct, MROIF Goals & Values Document, and Bylaws.
    1. The written MROIF Code of Conduct will be discussed with all titleholders, parents and MROIF volunteers.  Included as part of signing of the Membership form, they will also be required to sign the Code of Conduct & Release form.
  2. The MROIF Board and its respective selected individuals deemed as the titleholder advisors have the right to formulate additional requirements concerning personal conduct for all members functioning in any role on behalf of MROIF.
    1. It is required that expectations be written, discussed with titleholders,  parents and volunteers and included as part of signing Code of Conduct & Release form.

IV.  MROIF Violation Procedures

Failure to abide by the rules, code of conduct standards or regulations of MROIF will lead to a process of confidential investigation and, possibly, appropriate disciplinary actions.
  1. Investigation:
    1. Is defined as an exploration of the facts.
      Individual, confidential communications is a preferred method
    2. Is the responsibility of the person in the leadership role, i.e. the President, Coach/Advisor, following the appropriate communication expectation policy.
  2. If MROIF needs to employ a disciplinary process, the action should fit the misconduct.
  3. Notification to Executive Board is required when an individual is unable to participate in an MROIF event or activity due to a Code of Conduct infraction.  The person(s) confidentiality must be considered.
    1. Our organizational goals include providing efficient and timely communication in regard to any violation of the MROIF Code of Conduct.
    2. Documentation of disciplinary actions is required.
      1. Including present misconduct, disciplinary action and plan for improvement as well as action if any misconduct occurs again.
      2. Signatures of immediate involved parties are required.
        1. Member and/or Titleholder
        2. Elected or Appointed Queen Advisor, President of MROIF, or whoever is managing the process.
        3. Give copies to involved parties.
    3. It is recommended that actions that include or are similar to removing of points or disqualification, when considered, be discussed with the President and Executive Board.  Actions that include suspension or expulsion, when considered, should be discussed with the President and the Executive Board simultaneously to maintain standards of practice.
    4. First violations may include disciplinary actions such as:
      1. Discussion with Executive Board, plan of action for improvement
      2. Disqualification for Appointed Position or membership.
        1. Disqualification from membership or removal from appointed or elected position, as deemed by our Bylaws.
        2. Suspension of Judges Training card and/or other certifications given on behalf of MROIF or in case of titleholder's loss of any of the three titles given on behalf of MROIF.
    5. Second violations, may include disciplinary actions such as:
      1. Disqualification for member or titleholder
        1. Disqualification from Executive Board or General Membership
        2. Dissolution of the Title of Miss Rodeo Oregon or membership in Miss Rodeo Oregon Inc. Foundation
      2. Expulsion from MROIF permanently
    6. Third violation may include disciplinary actions such as:
      1. Expulsion from MROIF as a member and/or titleholder permanently.
        1. Reinstatement from suspension/disqualification/expulsion of MROIF membership or titleholder process:
          1. For first violations only; there is no reapplication/reinstatement process available for second or third violations.
          2. MROIF member, Board Member, or titleholder may apply for reinstatement after a first violation if the following has been complied with:
            1. Letter of request for reinstatement from member
            2. For misuse of drug, alcohol, tobacco, or other addictive behaviors violations, a documented counseling and/or a course of treatment
            3. Written approval by Advisor or Executive Board
          3. Approval of continued participation needs to include the same persons involved in the suspension or disqualification process.