The Oregon Queen–July 2020

The Oregon Queen–July 2020

July 13, 2020 Off By Lois Forester

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021 Samantha Henricks!


Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021 Ainsley Goughnour

And in the blink of an eye, another month has flown by!

Again, it wasn't what I expected my June to be one year ago when I was announced the winner of the 2020 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Pageant. Yes! A year already. I’ve had a lot of time to reminisce about the pageant and what an incredible experience it was. I’ve gained so many new friends and amazing memories this past year. No, it’s not what I expected but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have gained lifelong friends all over the United States that I wouldn’t have met without this experience.

I traveled to Prineville to cheer on Destiny Wecks, the 2015 Jr. Miss Rodeo Oregon, as she competed in the Oregon High School Rodeo queen contest. I was also able to watch some of the high school rodeo and support my fellow high school athletes.

I have had some extra time to work with my new horse Leo. He is a 5 year old bay dun Quarter Horse. Leo will also be traveling with me to rodeos and parades along with Pete. I’m super excited to add him to the family and have him travel with Pete and me. Pete and Leo actually both got to participate in my home town’s mini parade this month. I was able to ride through St. Paul with Morgan and the St. Paul Rodeo court and I had a friend ride Leo through the parade to give him some experience. Pete and Leo both did amazing and I was so thankful to be able to actually ride in a parade. It felt great to bring smiles to the community that I live in and love so much.

I mentioned that I’ve met many new people and one group of people that I’ve met this year via zoom calls and live chats is the state teen rodeo queens. I was able to do an Instagram live interview with Shai Forman, Miss Teen Rodeo Arizona. It was like talking with an old friend and we didn’t run out of things to talk about. We actually used up our entire time limit that Instagram allows. I hope to someday get to meet all of the state teen rodeo queens in person but until then we will enjoy our group chats and zoom calls.

As spring turns to summer, I hope you all are able to get out and enjoy the things you love.
Ainsley, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon

The current Miss High School Rodeo Queen Brenna Bare, contestants Olivia Kerr and Destiny Wecks, and Oregon Trail Appaloosa Queen with me

The Oregon Trail Appaloosa Queen and me. We emceed the horsemanship portion of the competition.

Destiny and I after speeches were complete.

My new horse Leo

Almost parade time

The St. Paul court with Morgan and me.

Pete and Leo did great in the parade


Leo with my friend Dakota with Pete and me after the parade




I got to take some pictures of Morgan...I may have tried to steal her horse.

Instagram Live with Shai Forman

With Morgan and Kearsten waiting for the parade


Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021 Morgan Brownell!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was crowned 2020 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon! What a ride it has been so far and I’m loving every minute!

This month I had my first parade for the town of St. Paul. I was able to see the town of St. Paul so happy and excited. Thank you to Ainsley for putting it on and inviting me!! I also got to attend a goat tying clinic and learned sooo much!! After the parade, Ainsley and I did a photo shoot. She loves doing photography! We had a lot of fun and I love all the pictures she took!

I can’t wait to see what I get to do this month!!

Gratefully, Morgan

The St. Paul court with Ainsley and me

St. Paul Queen Kearsten, Ainsley and me

Queen Kearsten, Princess Monica and me after the parade

One of the photos Ainsley took. I love it!

Tommy and I are ready for the parade

Meet Lynn Haynes, Board Member and National Director--Oregon!

Born in Iowa, Lynn has lived in Iowa, Colorado, Upper Michigan, New Mexico (where she met Jim), Oregon, and England.   She was married to Jim Haynes for 32 years before his passing and has two amazing daughters, both married, and a wonderful son--who was married last September--and two highly-active grandchildren.

While growing up in Colorado, Lynn was involved in 4-H, High School Rodeo, queening, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, and was an award-winning violinist, to name a few.  She has been a 4-H leader, holding many positions (including President of the Washington County 4-H Horse Advisory Board), Fair Superintendent, and others.  She has also helped with Jr. Baseball as scorekeeper for her son’s team, and she currently serves on the Sherwood Police Foundation Board, an organization where her husband was a founding member.  She was the Washington County Fair and Rodeo Queen Advisor and an Associate Member for the Canby Rodeo when she became involved with the Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation.  She joined the year her 2002 Washington County Queen, Marla Meadows, became lady in waiting for Miss Rodeo Oregon 2003.  She spent one year as a member and has held an office every year since 2004.  She took over as Miss Rodeo America National Director – Oregon after Stephanie Crop Hedin retired after having her first baby in 2008; Nicole Andrews was her first MRO.  She is enormously proud of ALL the young ladies whom she has helped, no matter the title or age of the young ladies.

Lois Forester wanted to ask a few questions of Lynn to get to know her better:

Lois  -- What is your job with Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc. Foundation?

Lynn  -- To put it in a few words, I am the boss of Miss Rodeo Oregon.  I am also the liaison between MROIF to the Miss Rodeo America Organization. This involves serving on quite a few different committees and completing a lot of assigned tasks.  This also has me traveling to Mid Year Meetings and the MRA Pageant yearly.

Lois -- What is the one quality that you want people to know you for?

Lynn -- I guess it would be “My Passion” for these organizations and young ladies.  This is one reason why I “dragged” Jim into helping me with these organizations after working with my sister, Miss Rodeo Idaho and 1st Runner up at MRA Pageant winning Personality and Speech.  Jim and I teamed up to help the young ladies to help with many aspects of their tryouts and reign.  I was so proud that both MROIF Pageants have named their speech award the “Jim Haynes Memorial Speech Award” after his passing in 2016.

Lois -- What is your favorite rodeo memory?

Lynn -- Canby Rodeo at the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo in 2012!!  We are so honored and grateful to have had the Clackamas County Fair and Canby Rodeo as our host for the pageant since 2011.  I not only was able to watch my now daughter-in-law, Katie Born Haynes do Grand Entry as Tillamook Rodeo Queen, but we also witnessed for the first time a Miss Rodeo America participate in that Rodeo and Grand Entry--2011 Miss Rodeo Oregon and 2012 Miss Rodeo America Mackenzie Carr Ivie!  She was an amazing representative for the PRCA and the state of Oregon.

Lois -- What is your favorite committee to serve on?

Lynn -- Between the MROIF and MRA Organizations, I serve on many committees.  I do genuinely enjoy all of them, but I think my favorite is the “Fashion Show Committee” at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.  With the great leadership of Kiki Shumway, Cami McBride, and Mesia Murphy (to name a few), it is always a special day.  I figured out that I have not actually seen a Fashion Show since 2006 MRO Trena Loftesness Anderson participated in the program.  It is totally a different experience being behind the scenes.  If you want some funny stories, let me know and we will chat!  Between broken zippers, broken crowns, taping up kneecaps, and helping remove MRA’s toenail from her shoe after it was torn off during a dance, just to name a few, we could write a book!

Lois -- Finally, what would you want potential contestants for MRO to know?

Lynn -- I would love for young ladies to know that, if they are concerned about travel and cost for being MRO, it is totally up to them.  Sara Marcus Deraldine, 2012 MRO, decided that she wanted to focus on the Columbia River Circuit and was the first MRO to attend Snake River Stampede.  The ONLY REQUIRED rodeos that MRO attends are Oregon Rodeos but there is the potential to attend many more from Washington State to Florida.  You truly can make the year what you want it to be but make it your yearPLEASE feel free to contact me if you should have any questions or concerns.  I also want to let everyone know just how proud we are of all our 2020 – 2021 Titleholders.  They are wonderful representatives for Oregon and making the best of a hard situation this year.   To Sam, Ainsley, Morgan, and their families –Thank You!!




Lynn ready for Horsemanship at South Point with Lady-in-Waiting Kelsey Jo Konkright of Alaska.


Lynn's family at Scott and Katie's wedding

Lois Forester and Lynn Haynes at the MRA Pageant Press Party

Lynn offers support to family members as well as to titleholders, this time to Kelly Skramstad.

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