The Oregon Queen–August 2020

The Oregon Queen–August 2020

August 11, 2020 Off By Lois Forester

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021 Samantha Henricks!

This month I was able to attend Lil Sprouts Preschool’s Rodeo Camp! It was great to get back out to talk about RODEO! I was able to drop in on the last day of their summer camp and talk about the rodeo events they had been learning about, as well as talk about the history of our sport. One of my favorite things about young children is that they are excited about....everything! From learning about the “sweet drawings” on my chaps (as one very enthusiastic 5-year-old said) to learning about broncs and bulls, they are always game for anything. Since being crowned Miss Rodeo Oregon, I had the goal of submerging myself into youth programs throughout the state, so having the opportunity to speak with this class was a pleasure.
On the same note of youth programs, I also got the opportunity to attend the Jackson County 4-H Horse Fair’s Grand Entry. I graduated from the 4-H program in Jackson County as a 9-year member in 2014. 4-H holds many great memories for me, but a highlight was being able to share my 4-H experience with a younger member, Lane. Lane is not so little anymore as he just graduated as a 9 year member this year. In my former 4-H club, our leader would always assign senior members to help the younger members get ready for their classes and Lane was always who I was assigned. I used to warm up his horse Rosie for him and one time Rosie was being unusually difficult and decided to rear straight up in the air with me. I remember looking at Lane and his eyes were as big as tomatoes when I told him, “She is fine now.... it’s your turn to get on.” When I was listening to Lane’s senior bio this year, he mentioned that exact same story about Rosie and me.  It just goes to show what kind of relationships and experiences a program like 4-H can give you. This is just another reason why I chose to dive into the youth programs this year.
This month I get to attend my first Oregon Rodeo! In August, this is not something I would have thought I would be saying, but here we are! Stay tuned to see what we are all up to next month!

Lane and I

Lil Sprouts Preschool Rodeo Camp

Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021 Ainsley Goughnour!

Normally in July I would be going all over the place for Cowboy Christmas but this year was a little different. I got to spend the 4th of July with my family which was nice to get to have the time with them, even though I sure did miss all the rodeos, parades and activities. July would have been my busiest month of traveling. My schedule was packed with events all over the state but with everything canceled, I had a lot of time to ride my horses and spend time with family and friends.

The hardest part about owning horses is letting go. It turned out to be a blessing to be home over 4th of July week because I unexpectedly lost my old horse Rocky. Rocky was my first show horse; he taught me so much and is one of the reasons I am the rider that I am today. I was blessed to have Rocky for 12 years.

I got to take Leo on his first beach ride ever. We went to Pacific City and rode on the beach with some family friends. Leo and Pete were both rock stars! I was so impressed with Leo and how he did for his first time ever on the beach. The weather was perfect.

Within a matter of days, I went from the complete west side of the state all the way to the furthest east side of Oregon. On July 21, we packed up the horses and took them to Joseph to go have some fun even though the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo had to be cancelled. I was invited to stay at Destiny Wecks' (2015 JMRO) house and spend the weekend doing our own rodeo activities. The first day we went go-karting and rode the horses around in the arena. The next day, we went to the lake with the boat and we tubed, rode a bull floaty, and went swimming. After the lake, we went on a trail ride where I was blessed to ride a horse named Gray and a horse named Dolly. We rode to the viewpoint over Wallowa Lake.

Destiny also showed us where they held the first Chief Joseph Days Rodeo. The next day, we went and participated in a mini parade that Destiny organized. As we went through the streets of Joseph, people were so excited and surprised. Thank you Destiny for putting on the parade. I had a blast! At the end of the parade we went through a drive-thru and got ice cream. Who can resist ice cream after a warm ride through town?

Following the parade, we went and rode in the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo grounds. We played around and practiced run-ins. Leo got to practice his first ever run-in. We then took some pictures in front of the beautiful mountains. After our horse and parade adventure we headed back to the go-karts again. The first time around I went with Destiny and then I got to ride with Bella. I had a ton of fun with both of them.

Dez, Morgan, and I made breakfast for everyone the last morning. We made pancakes, huckleberry pancakes, hash browns, and sausage. We then hopped on bareback and took the horses for one last ride around the farm fields. After a wonderful weekend, we said goodbye. I can't wait to see everyone next year at the 2021 Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.

Though the month turned out to be much more “relaxed” than I had originally planned, it ended up being one of the most fun and adventurous. I am so blessed by all of my rodeo family and those that support me. Hoping for more adventures in August.

Yours truly,
Ainsley Goughnour, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon


Photo op in front of the Wallowa Mountains

My run in with Leo

My run in with Pete

Parade ready

JMRO Morgan and OHSRA 1st Attendant Destiny Wecks

Fun times on Wallowa Lake

Go Karts with our buddies

I don't think I made it eight seconds!

Early morning, loading up for our six hour drive to Joseph

Beach ride at Pacific City

Waiting for our turn

Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020-2021 Morgan Brownell!

This month I was able to go to three playdays, placing High Point twice and Reserve High Point once. I went trail riding over the 4th of July weekend and enjoyed family time. This year was the first ever that I wasn’t at the St. Paul Rodeo for the 4th of July. Since my parents have always been members and my dad is a director, the only place I’ve ever known for the 4th of July is St. Paul. But it was really fun getting to do something different!!

I also got to go to Joseph with Ainsley. When we got to Joseph, the first thing I did was go inner tubing with Ainsley and the Oregon High School Rodeo Queen 1st Attendant Destiny Wecks, who was also 2015 Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon. After having fun at the lake, we went trail riding and got to see an amazing view of Wallowa Lake!! On Saturday, Destiny put on a mini parade through Joseph for everybody there. We went down Main Street and after that we got to do run-ins in the famous Harley Tucker Arena!! After we got back to Destiny’s house, we went riding in her arena and did some barrel racing and pole bending for fun.

On Sunday, Ainsley, Destiny and I made breakfast for everyone. We made sausage, pancakes, and hashbrowns. Luckily we didn’t burn down the house and we made a good breakfast if I do say so myself! When it was finally time to go home we did a last minute trail ride around their hay field and then we were on our way home! Thank you Wecks family for having us. Can’t wait for the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo in 2021!!

Gratefully, JMRO Morgan!

Stopped to see the Pendleton Round Up grounds on our way to Joseph



A little go cart fun after the parade



A young rodeo fan

Doesn't everyone get drive-thru ice cream?

Overlooking Wallowa Lake

Meet Tanya Cloutier, 1st VP and Miss Pageant Director!

Hello and Happy August! My name is Tanya Cloutier and I am currently serving as your Miss Rodeo Oregon Inc. Foundation 1st Vice President and Pageant Director and I have previously held the position of Secretary. I have been a member of the Miss Rodeo Organization for at least 12 years but first became interested when my friend and OSU college roommate (Go Beavers!), Sylvia Ladd Sandford, won the title of Miss Rodeo Oregon in 1988.

My love of horses started when I was very young growing up in Eugene, OR. My family did not come from country roots so when I told them I wanted a horse, my parents did not know what to do or say. So like any good parent, they started me out with riding lessons and cleaning stalls. I was in heaven! I was soon entering horse shows on my lesson mount, a black Shetland pony named “Minx”. We competed in everything from Showmanship, Western, English, jumping to pony cart driving. It was not long before I graduated to a “big horse”. I joined 4-H as an “associate member” because I was technically too young to be a part of the program and my passion for horses grew from there. For several years, I
competitively entered 4-H, Open and Appaloosa Circuit horse shows and I had the honor of competing at the Oregon   4-H Horse Fair for six years, representing Lane and Tillamook Counties. I loved everything about my 4-H years but one of my greatest accomplishments was obtaining my 10-step EL Dad Potter Award in 1983.

My rodeo royalty journey began in 1982 when I held my first title, Princess of the Tillamook Co. Equestrian Court and then was crowned their Queen in 1983. In 1993, I represented the Tillamook County Rodeo and the following year joined the Board as the Queen Director. In 2000 our family moved to Central Oregon and with one of my daughters showing interest in “Queening”, I was able to revive the Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Court program. My daughter competed twice for Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon, winning first runner up but I officially became a Queen Mom in 2008 when she was crowned Queen of JCFR. I still serve as the advisor for the two-member court to date.

My husband and I happily live in Madras, OR on our 64-acre farm and I have worked for the Jefferson County Community Development Department for 19 years as an Assistant Land Planner. I have two horse-crazy twin daughters who are 29 years old and we are proud to be called Nana and Papa by our beautiful grand babies, Kinsley (7), Jayce (5) and Ryker (4). I am a horse show judge, former OHSET Coach/Advisor, serve on the MRO Clinic committee and have had the opportunity to judge many local, state and regional pageants. This is my passion and I love watching the girls learn and grow with this program.

Membership Meeting!

Please join us for a membership meeting on TUESDAY, AUGUST 25 beginning at 7:00 pm.  This will be a phone meeting via a free conference call link at (605) 475-3235.  The code is 936145#.  Please join us!!