The Oregon Queen — February 2022

The Oregon Queen — February 2022

February 3, 2022 Off By Lois Forester

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2022 Avalon Irwin!

This month brought many new adventures as well as a few new dad jokes. This month I got to visit the Northwest Ag Show held in Salem. While I was there I got to learn more about Knipe Land Company and their magazine The Range Writer. I am honored to get to be on the cover this month. Knipe has been graciously putting the Northwest State Queens on the covers of their magazines for 12 years. We appreciate them helping to promote us in the agricultural world.

After the Ag Show, I caught a plane to Denver where I got to compete in the Cowboy Downhill, pack flags at the National Western Stock Show, and meet athletes and students alike while helping out at the Remarkable Rodeo. During my stay in Denver, I had a host family that was gracious enough to take me sightseeing. Unfortunately, we got too caught up in the adventure which resulted in me missing my flight! So instead of spending the night at home, I got to spend another night with them where they introduced me to all the dad jokes I could possibly ever want to hear. For more behind the scenes information on the Stock Show, check out our video on Facebook or TikTok!

In between trips I am busy working on plans for my coronation in March. Tickets for the event are on sale now. You can purchase them by reaching out through Facebook, email, or purchase them on everbrite (this adds a small fee.) If you are unable to attend but still want to contribute, I would absolutely love any donations for our auction or contributions that you could give! Thank you for taking the time to keep up with all my adventures this month!


Avalon Irwin, Miss Rodeo Oregon 2022

Lost my skis but finished the race!

Miss Rodeo Washington and I road tripped to Steamboat CO

Getting ready for the Cowboy Downhill

FFA Day at the National Western Stock Show in Denver

I had the honor of riding one of the famous Cervi horses, Cabo.

My host mom, Terra took me on some sight seeing in CO where I got to ride a bull... a toy bull!

Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2022 Destiny Wecks!

Oh, what an amazing way to start off 2022!

The first half of January was busy with preparing and adding the final touches for my coronation fundraising dinner on the 15th. While people were hustling around coronation day, Carrie (Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon) and I spent the morning with Robert McLean (my sponsor photographer) at Wallowa Lake getting photos. I also got a couple with Ainsley with the handing over of the MTRO crown. The amount of support I had for my coronation was out of this world!  From family and friends, rodeo queens, board of directors, and local families, I had so many smiling faces out in the crowd that I was pleased to mingle, take photos, and share stories throughout the night.

The night started with an hour of social time, led into the start of my introductions, and then lined up for dinner! I will say it was sure a meal to hit the spot, thanks to Buzz BBQ!  The whole time we had over 150 silent auction items that kept people busy, and throughout dinner we had the first section of the live auction with all sorts of great things from
posts to build fences to air flights and lodging at Wallowa Lake. After dinner, we did the ever so fun and exciting dessert dash, then a bit more live auctions, and finally started to close tables for the silent auction items. The best part of the night was to see all the competition when it came to the dash for the many great desserts! My tables were labeled by rodeos in the Pacific Northwest and many of the people that attended loved to go around and see if they could find their favorite rodeo!

At the conclusion of the night, I was preparing in the back getting my beautiful gray formal dress and fixing up my hair and makeup before it was crowning time. During this time, out front, Queen Ainsley was presenting her farewell video slideshow, and her retiring address. To my own surprise, they were also planning a huge surprise for me on the stage that I didn't notice until Barb Carr pointed it out. My custom Bob Roy Queen saddle! Looks like Christmas came in January this year for me. I can't wait to ride in that great saddle all year as your Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2022.

Many people were excited to head home and relax on Sunday but I was headed to Lewiston, Idaho early the next morning for a barrel race with my best friend Addie. My horse and I did super well and had so much fun! Of course, I can't stay still that long, so on that Monday, I went skiing with my other best friend Alona, and learned some great tricks on my skis until I crashed and got a minor concussion. Oops! I had to miss a day of school for that one.

The next weekend was my first event as Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2022, where I attended the 2022 Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen coronation. I was so happy to be asked to help with both the live and silent auctions, and got to bid on some amazing items and got to take some home. It was so nice to travel with my parents Jeffrey and Vixen, then get to see and talk with many of my rodeo queen friends! I can't wait to see what the rodeo road has to offer this summer.

For the last weekend in January, I got the great opportunity to spend more time out on the slopes at Anthony Ski Resort out of North Powder, Oregon. Alona Yost and I spent two full days on the hill, learning jumps, turns, tree splitting, and even going down the hill backwards! It was so much fun to spend time outside with the warm sun and fresh groomed
runs. I also got to see close friends on the hills that also offered tips and tricks for us to work on.

February has a lot in store starting with even more coronations, like 2022 Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon's coronation on the 12th and Miss NPRA on the 26th.I am planning to spend a week in the lower west side riding my horse when we go to Zoey’s Miss NPRA coronation. I'm looking forward to attending these coronations and more in the month to come as well as getting to ride my horses more with barrel racing, and my show horse with jumping and dressage. I'm also excited to find my extra days to go skiing with friends, getting school scholarships completed early and, most importantly, spending time with my family! I can’t believe how fast the year is already going and how soon I will be graduating from high school.

Getting ready for my coronation with posting videos and photos on both my Facebook and Instagram pages!

Some behind the scenes of my photoshoot with my new chaps made by Prairie Leather!

Brinn and I showed how to run a nice pattern on the barrels the Sunday after my coronation!

I was able to attend the 2022 Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen coronation and was joined by Miss Rodeo Oregon Avalon Irwin.

Photo with the 2022 Queen of the Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo, Kethry Nolan

Ainsley and I got some fantastic photos from the quick photo shoot with Robert McLean the day of my coronation! The weather was just perfect for getting great shots at Wallowa Lake in Joseph, Oregon.

More great pictures from Robert McLean catching Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon Carrie Woods and me at Wallowa Lake! Carrie and I didn't even plan the wild rags, but it was too perfect that we matched!

The moment we have all been waiting for! Queen Ainsley passing on the crown!

Most do a Father Daughter Dance but we do our secret, not so secret now, handshake. My dad Jeffrey walked me to the stage for my coronation and Robert McLean was able to snap a shot of our handshake!

A whole year early! I was so shocked and beyond words excited to have my saddle presented during my crowning at my coronation. Ainsley and I showed off the great custom saddles made by Bob Roy.

Alona Yost and I took up some new skills the last part of January at Anthony Ski Resort.

During the summer I got my senior photos taken and just this past month got to see the final ones from Robert McLean! My show horse Whisper and I, in our home hay field, got a breathtaking shot.

Great group of beautiful and independent women who represent rodeo! All the queens, courts and ambassadors on stage for a group photo during my coronation, taken by Robert McLean.



Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Carrie Woods!

Wow has January flown by! This month was full of adventures. But I can’t wait for the rest of the adventures to come throughout this year.

I rang in the new year by getting ready to for the seven-and-a-half-hour drive to Enterprise for Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Destiny’s coronation! We got on the road bright and early Friday morning, we got out to stretch our legs in Pendleton, and drove by the Pendleton Round Up Rodeo Grounds! And boy am I excited to be there in September! We continued on our journey to Enterprise and made it over safely, then got checked into the Eagles View Inn.

The next day I got ready for a photoshoot on Wallowa Lake with Destiny! Robert McLean did an amazing job. Then later that night, I went to the Enterprise Elks Lodge for Destiny’s coronation. It was such a fun night! I got to greet people as the came in the door and met many new faces of some 2022 queens! Later that night I got to help with the live auction items too. It was a great night and I am so excited to spend this year with Destiny!

Then on the 22nd I went to the Columbia County coronation! It was so much fun! I got to know many new 2022 title holders too! I got to help with the live auction as well! Congratulations Queen Sadie and Princess Sophie!

Now I have been busy getting the final touches done for my coronation on February 12th in Tillamook. I’m so excited! It is going to be a great night. We got my flower pack done too! My colors are variations of blues, blush and cream! It turned out amazing. I also just got pictures of my chaps, and oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! Prairie Leather Designs is doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to get them.


Carrie Woods

2022 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon

Carrie with Columbia County Fair & Rodeo Princess Sophie and Queen Sadie

NWYRA Queen Grace and the St. Paul Rodeo Court Princess Macy, Princess Hope and Queen Sarah with JMRO Carrie at the Columbia Co. Coronation.

Photo shoot at Wallowa Lake with Robert McLean

2020-21 MTRO Ainsley Goughnour, 2022 MTRO Destiny and 2022 JMRO Carrie standing for the flag at Destiny's Coronation January 15th in Enterprise, OR.

Carrie and Destiny

MRO Queen Clinic with MRA 2022 Hailey Frederiksen!

Hailey Frederiksen was crowned Miss Rodeo America 2022 on December 5, 2021 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. With family roots in ranching, Hailey is a first-generation college graduate from Colorado State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences with a minor in Agricultural Business. Following her reign as Miss Rodeo America 2022, she plans to obtain a masters in Agricultural Communications and use her ambition and passion to continue her work as an #agvocate.

Prior to being selected as Miss Rodeo America 2022, the 24-year-old daughter of Trevin and Megan Frederiksen represented the Centennial State as Miss Rodeo Colorado 2020-2021. Hailey enjoys riding horses, barrel racing, breakaway roping, and dancing.

During her reign as the official representative of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Hailey will travel around 150,000 miles and appear at nearly 100 rodeo performances, as well as making appearances at schools, civic groups and other special events in order to educate the public and create awareness about the sport of rodeo, its sponsors, and its opportunities.

Hailey will also serve as a spokesperson at a variety of promotional events and model in commercial advertisements for western clothiers, publications, sponsors and other service providers to the western industry.

It is our honor, for the very first time, to have a reigning Miss Rodeo America as our head clinician!

Also joining Hailey will be Miss Rodeo Oregon 2017 Kayla Vincent, Miss Rodeo Washington 2018 Beth Snider Bahem, Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020-21 Samantha Henricks, President of Oregon CattleWomen Diana Wirth, and Karissa Landis, Speech Coach and Horse Judge.

Also, for the first time, we can provide visiting state queens the opportunity to borrow a horse from a local ranch.  Contact us via Messenger or email if you have any questions!


2009 Johnstown Saddle Club Princess Hailey Frederiksen

2022 Miss Rodeo America Hailey Frederiksen