The Oregon Queen — All the News from May 2024

The Oregon Queen — All the News from May 2024

June 5, 2024 Off By Lois Forester

2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon Abby Torgerson!

The month of May took me all across the state of Oregon!
I started my month in Pendleton at the Pendleton Cattle Barons and Ranch Rodeo. I was able to greet guests upon entry, help take tickets during the ranch rodeo, and help out at the horse and dog sale. This weekend was so much fun because I got to spend it with MTRO Hallie and JMRO Kayla!
My second event of Oregon kept me close to home. The Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo holds a special place in my heart because I used to be their queen! This year was extra special because Miss Rodeo Wisconsin, Tori, flew in to see what Oregon rodeo was all about. Tori and I helped push cows all weekend at the rodeo, and helped at the Rascal Rodeo Saturday morning. After the dust settled on a very successful rodeo weekend, I took Tori up into the mountains. She had never been to the woods before! I am so thankful for this crown and the friendships I get to make while under it.


I spent my Memorial Weekend in Spray for their iconic NPRA rodeo! We started the weekend off at the parade, where hundreds of people line up to watch, rain or shine! Luckily, the rain held off this year! From the parade, we headed straight to the first performance, where we were met with fireworks during grand entry. My horse, Lady, handled them like a champ. After the first performance, all of the queens went to Queen Rowdy’s trailer for some s’mores! We ended the weekend with a packed performance #2. Both Hallie and Kayla were also in attendance at Spray, which always makes for a fun weekend.


I am already off and running as the summer run hits! I cannot wait to see where the Miss Rodeo Oregon crown takes me in the month of June.


Abby Torgerson

2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon

Kayla, Hallie, and I getting ready to great guests at the Pendleton Cattle Barons.

2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon, Zoë and I at the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo.

Miss Rodeo Wisconsin, Tori and I gearing up for performance #3 of the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo.

My beautiful Stringfellow Tailored Leatherwork chaps hanging on the iconic Pendleton bucking chutes!

I love rodeos close to home because I get to see my favorite little family members!

My favorite part during the Spray Rodeo was when these little rodeo fans brought me flowers!

Tori and I exploring the mountains here in Southern Oregon!

Kayla and I enjoying our time in Spray!

Kayla, Hallie, and I sporting our new sponsor jackets. We are so excited to wear them during our year!

Some of the queens that attended the s’more party in Spray!

2024 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Hallie Haslebacher!

From Pendleton, Central Point, and up to Spray, my first month of rodeos with my furry friends has come to a close.  Last month I had the honor of attending the Pendleton Cattle Barons, Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo and the one and only Spray Rodeo!

Starting off the month of May, I attended the Pendleton Cattle Barons. Kayla, Abby and I had an amazing time judging a yummy BBQ contest, walking around and meeting the vendors, watching the dog and horse auction, and watching the Ranch Rodeo and broncs. We also had the privilege of getting onto the Pendleton Round-Up grounds to take pictures with the talented Robert McLean!

The middle of the month I was off to Central Point for the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo. My horse Roo got to stay home for this one and I am very thankful I was able to borrow a horse from the Austins. When I first arrived, I was excited to be met at the arena by Zoe Brooks and we got to spend some time catching up! Then I attended two nights of action- packed rodeos doing run-ins, helping with the barrel truck, and the hysterical kids boot race! One of the best things about the weekend was volunteering at the Rascal Rodeo on Saturday. It made my whole weekend watching the smiling faces as we led the horses around.

The last event of the month I attended the one and only Spray Rodeo. While I was there I attended two afternoons of rodeo and got to do my first parade of the season. Instead of a queen luncheon Queen Rowdy decided to do a smores social which I had so much fun attending. Spray was definitely one for the books and an event I will never forget!

And with that I wrapped up the month of May! Make sure to stay tuned where Roo and I go next!
With love your,
2024 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon
Hallie Haslebacher

Abby, Kayla and I in the one and only Pendleton Round-Up arena.

Destiny, Linnae, Abby, Kayla and I getting all geared up for Pendleton Cattle Barons.

Abby, Kayla, Destiny and I getting ready to Judge the BBQ contest!

All geared up for night two of the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo.

Bella, Olivia and I getting ready to go into the arena

Abby and I after the Rascal Rodeo.

My best friend Roo and I all ready for the first performance of the Spray Rodeo.

Roo and I having fun in the Spray parade.

Philomath Queen Katie and I going to sign autographs.

2024 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Kayla Hunt!

My month of May started off in Pendleton at the Cattle Barons and Ranch Rodeo. We were there Friday until Sunday. The town of Pendleton is so rich in the old western charm and tradition that if you have never been, you will fall in love with the town and its friendly folks. On my first day we helped sell raffle tickets, hats and posters. There were so many amazing vendors and challenges like a timed leather carving contest that was scored off quality and time. In the evening, we got to help out at the rodeo by selling tickets for admission and throw swag to the crowd. Then we watched the most unique rodeo I've seen. They had so many different events than a traditional rodeo as this one was a ranch rodeo. On day two in Pendleton, we did more helping but got to be judges in the biggest BBQ contest I have ever seen but my favorite part of the whole trip was watching the great quality of the horses being auctioned off.

My second event was youth fair for my local 4-H group where I showed my younger training horse for the first time and it went well for us both.
My third stop was the legendary Spray Rodeo and boy howdy let me tell you that was a trip of a lifetime.  We saw so much change in the countryside and a gorgeous sunset the first night.  We did the parade with a total of at least 40 queens with some really cool floats. Saturday night's rodeo was an exciting experience that I will never forget as it was my first rodeo on horseback and JJ Harrison came into the arena by zipline.  Making new friends with the other titleholders was a blast.  Both Saturday and Sunday's rodeos were amazing and the contestants gave it their all out there.
My next stop is in Sisters so I look forward to seeing you soon.
Gratefully yours,
Kayla Hunt
JR Miss Rodeo Oregon 2024









Meet Sarah Fransen, Executive Board Member-at-Large!

Sarah Fransen is a long time volunteer, competitor, pageant judge and sponsor of the Oregon rodeo queen community. She currently serves as co-advisor to the 2024 Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo court. Sarah resides in Redmond with her husband, toddler and two dachshunds. Sarah works as a registered nurse at a surgery center in Bend. When she’s not working or chasing her son, you can find her watching baseball, rodeo or deep into a wide array of crafts.

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