The Oregon Queen — All the news from April 2024

The Oregon Queen — All the news from April 2024

May 6, 2024 Off By Lois Forester

2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon Abby Torgerson!

The month of April was welcomed with Oregon’s first PRCA rodeo of the year, the High Desert Stampede! The HDS is one of the fastest growing PRCA rodeos and has a payout of over $250,000. I was honored to attend the High Desert Stampede where I was able to sign autographs, help fly sponsor flags, attend the Rascal Rodeo, and thank sponsors for their support!

My second event in April was the Miss Rodeo Oregon clinic. This was my first queens clinic and I learned so much. Being able to learn from Dr. Lisa Lucia, a past Miss Rodeo America, was a dream come true. I took so many valuable things away from that weekend and I cannot wait to apply them on the Miss Rodeo America stage!

I was able to stay home the last two weeks of April, but don’t worry, I still managed to stay busy! I coach a middle school girls soccer team, so whenever I have a weekend at home, I can be found coaching them.  The sport of soccer taught me a lot about resiliency and hard work, so I am honored to mentor these girls through their soccer careers.

May is fast approaching and I am looking forward to all the adventures I have next!


Abby Torgerson

2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon

Before every performance of the High Desert Stampede, all the queens gathered to sign autographs!

2018 Miss Rodeo Oregon Jessi Jackson was our go to contact all weekend at the HDS and made sure to get us in and out of the arena safely.

JMRO Kayla, MTRO Hallie, and I had a blast helping out at the Rascal Rodeo. We all made sure to pick out the best names for the stick horses!

While walking around the Ag show, we ran into Knipe Land, one of my sponsors. We are so thankful for their years of support!


During the MRO clinic, I was able to be Dr. Lisa’s model for makeup and hair!

Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Hallie and I before performance #3 of the High Desert Stampede.

At the MRO clinic, we crowned our 2024 Miss Rodeo Alaska, Codi! I am so thankful to have another sash sister during this year.

The Miss Rodeo Oregon clinic had an incredible turnout. The future is bright in the rodeo world!

Miss Rodeo Washington Piper and I have grown very close this year. I am thankful for her friendship, and I admire her drive to educate everyone around her.

My soccer team and I on picture day. We are proudly named the ‘Soccer-Ella’s’ after my queening journey!

The deadline is approaching!

May 31 is the deadline for applying for any of the Miss Rodeo Oregon titles!  As long as your application is postmarked by May 31, your application will be reviewed for acceptance.  We are looking forward to an exciting event which will be a watershed moment in Miss Rodeo Oregon history!

2024 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Hallie Haslebacher!

As April comes to a close, I am happy to say my first month of spring rodeo activities has been a success!  Even though April may not have been very busy, that doesn't mean it wasn't a blast! April was composed of my first rodeo and the Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic!

Starting off April strong I attended my first rodeo as Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon at The High Desert Stampede. The High Desert Stampede was a blast. I was able to attend two nights of this amazing action filled rodeo. I was given the privilege to ride into the arena sitting in the front seat of a carriage, and while signing autographs and attending my first Rascal Rodeo, I was given the gift of truly realizing the impact my crown has on the people around me, especially to the younger generation.

My first experience with The Rascal Rodeo was one I will always remember. The Rascal Rodeo is a rodeo that turns people's disabilities into abilities. It is truly an amazing organization and I had so much fun teaching people to run barrels on stick horses with Miss Rodeo Oregon Abby!

In between Rascal Rodeo and the final performance. I was able to spend some time talking with the Oregon CattleWomen's Association! Over the last two years these women have inspired me to look into becoming a cattle woman myself one day. It was a blessing to visit with them at their booth.

Wrapping up the month of April I was blessed to attend The Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic! I had a lot of fun and learned so much. The clinician this year was Lisa Lucia, Miss Rodeo America 2017.  She taught us all so much about running  patterns, carrying flags, queen runs, interview skills, how to properly put on makeup and curl hair, and of course the super fun model walk, which the laughs alone were well worth staying late for.

The clinic also gave me the opportunity to work with Kayla Vincent on pushing cows; not only do I look up to and admire Kayla, Roo and I have a soft spot for cows! Lois Forester and her team did such a good job putting this clinic together. I know I will be using everything I learned in my rodeo queen journey. Thank you Miss Rodeo Oregon Board for putting on such a fun-filled weekend, and giving me a chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

With love your,
2024 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon
Hallie Haslebacher

Abby, Kayla and I taking photos after the Rascal Rodeo.

The amazing group of ladies I got to ride in the carriage with.

My best friend Roo and I after our first flyby of the season at the MRO Clinic.

Abby and I making the best of each moment while learning to model.

Abby, Kayla, and I getting ready for the clinic fashion show.

My winning Rodeo Jeopardy group and me.

Abby, Kayla, and I taking pictures in the bucking chutes at High Desert.

The amazing ladies of the CattleWomen Association.

Abby and I getting ready to sign autographs at High Desert.

Getting ready to teach stick horse barrel racing.

2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic!

Thanks to Clinic Committee volunteers: Sarah Fransen, Sue Ellen Vincent, Jennifer Tickner, Rosiland Frazier, Julie Singer, Lynn Haynes, Stephanie Hedin, Tanya Cloutier, Lois Forester. Not pictured: Kayla Vincent, Destiny Wecks, Jean Hrabik, Cindy Granger.

Conroy Maccie Hall

Dr. Lisa Lucia, Miss Rodeo America 2017 



More pictures of the MRO Clinic are available on the Clinic page of this website!

2024 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Kayla Hunt!

The month of April has been a memorable one for me--lots of firsts.

My first stop was in Redmond for my first Rascal Rodeo where I met a bunch of amazing folks and made a new friend Jazzy.  We had stick horse barrel racing and my favorite roping.  If you ever get the chance to help, I would highly recommend it as it was very rewarding to see all the smiles.

Once we were done with the Rascal Rodeo, we got to check out the Agricultural event that was at the same time and place. It was really cool to see the old steam equipment running and all the local vendors were out passing out information and products. Later that night I got to sign autograph sheets at High Desert Stampede and my first request of a hat. This event was jam packed with royalty and vendors with great shopping but once the rodeo started was when it really got exciting! I saw some AMAZING rides and great animals.  This rodeo was a little different than I have been to before. We got to come in and do a lap in a carriage instead of a run in. It was a highlight as it was my first time in a carriage with some amazing queens.

The next weekend I was in Madras for the Miss Rodeo Oregon Queens Clinic and since this was my 3rd year attending, it was so different from the past. We had great ladies who were not afraid to ask the tuff questions and study materials that are available.  We worked on hair and makeup to modeling to impromptu questions and horsemanship with Dr.Lisa and fun games but there were quite a few new things too for moms and dads like how to courses on painting boots to dyeing pants to building flower packs to blinging outfits. I feel this year had more resources than in the past.  A great highlight from clinic was Dana Wirth came and told us her story and sang some of the most beautiful opera country music I have ever heard. I personally made sure to add her music on my play list. Thank you to the volunteers who helped put on such a fun and amazing experience.
Educate Elevate and Inspire was the motto and it resonated from all who came.
Joyfully yours,





Thank you, Miss Rodeo Oregon sponsors!!