The Oregon Queen — A New Year — 2024 with New Titleholders!

The Oregon Queen — A New Year — 2024 with New Titleholders!

January 2, 2024 Off By Lois Forester

2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon Abby Torgerson!

Although my year as the 2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon is just beginning, I’ve already been off and running! After a three-day long pageant in conjunction with the Clackamas County Fair and Canby Rodeo in August, I was crowned as the 2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon. After being crowned, I had my first official photoshoot with Jeff Wong, a long-time sponsor and supporter of the MRO Foundation.

In the months following August, I worked on planning my coronation dinner and auction. My coronation will be held on March 16th at the Jackson County Expo in Central Point. Doors will open at 5pm and dinner will be served at 6pm. This will be my main fundraiser for the year and what will help get me down the rodeo road in 2024! I want to invite all of you to attend. Tickets can be purchased on the Miss Rodeo Oregon website.

I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada the beginning of December to cheer on Zoë Brooks at the Miss Rodeo America pageant. I had the opportunity to meet my fellow Ladies in Waiting and get to know them all a little bit better. I met many sponsors and even got fitted for my custom Greeley hat!

I am so excited for my year to begin and cannot wait to represent our great state of Oregon and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.


Abby Torgerson, 2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon

My first night under the Miss Rodeo Oregon crown.

One of my favorite photos from my photoshoot with Jeff Wong.

My sister Molly and I at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.

2024 Miss Rodeo Washington Piper and I at the LIW Photoshoot in Vegas.

2024 Miss Rodeo Georgia Calee and I at the LIW Photoshoot in Vegas.

Miss Rodeo Washington Piper and I at Cowboy Christmas.

Getting fitted for my custom Greeley hat.

2024 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Hallie Haslebacher!

Wow, I never thought January would get here! I am so excited to be exchanging my Lady-In-Waiting sash for an official Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon one! A dream come true!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Hallie Haslebacher and I am the 15-year-old daughter of Karen and Casey Haslebacher. I am the youngest sibling to 3 brothers and a sister-in-law. I am a freshman at Salem Academy Christan Schools.

Along with riding my horse, I enjoy my 4-H club, hanging out with friends and family, games nights, hikes, camping and basketball. I currently have 4 dogs, but we are looking to add another to the family as a present for my 15th birthday.  My horse Roo is my best friend and partner in crime.  We love to do everything together but sadly she cannot come to school or basketball with me.

I haven’t done much in my time as Lady-In-Waiting, as I was finishing off an exciting year as the 2023 Northwest Youth Rodeo Association Queen. However, I had a blast with the few things I was able to do as Lady-In-Waiting! I attended the 2024 Miss Rodeo Oregon horsemanship pageant and watch Abby shine! I was also able to attend the NPRA dinner and the finals rodeo, and the Miss Rodeo Oregon pajama party! So far the best part of my time with MRO has been the people I have meet and interacted with. The MRO board has been amazing to work with, I feel confident I will have all the support and mentorship I will need for the coming year. I am excited not only to represent the sport of rodeo but also the Miss Rodeo Oregon Foundation.

As I get ready to take on this once in a lifetime opportunity, I would like to highlight our beautiful 2023 Jr Miss Reegan Bills and 2023 Teen Morgan Brownell. They have taught me so much and helped me every step of the way. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you both as such amazing friends and mentors. I would also like to send out a very special thank you to my family, the Bills family, the Brownell family, and Alexis Goughnour for all your support, help, and love as I went after my dream. I would not be on this adventure without you all.

I would like to invite you all to my coronation on February 24th 2024 at Vanderbeck Valley Farm in Mt. Angel. Tickets are $20 per person, visiting royalty is $15, and kids 5 and under are free. We will be having a silent auction, a live auction, dessert dash, and a 50/50 heads or tails game.  Tickets are available on the Miss Rodeo Oregon website.

I can't wait for all the amazing adventures and the people I will meet this year!

2024 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon
Hallie Haslebacher

Morgan and I exploring the Columbia County Fair

Me, Reegan, 2023 Miss Teen Rodeo Washington, and NPRA Lady-In-Waiting at the NPRA Dinner

Reegan and I on Rocket

Reegan, Abby and I at NPRA Finals

Behind the scenes of my photo shoot.

Kayla and I stealing Morgan's and Reegan's crowns.

Me, Morgan and Reegan right after the arena coronation

My best friend and I at the Oregon Horse Center.

The girls that helped me get this far.

One of my favorite parts of the title is the kids.

Love this picture of Morgan and me by Michael T Photography.

2023 Youth court at the 2024 coronation.

2024 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Kayla Hunt!

Hi!  I'm Kayla Hunt, your 2024 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon.

Since the pageant I have been finishing my softball season and training a new horse for my 4H season and future pageants. In between all the horse lessons, I have gotten to go to the Miss Rodeo Oregon Pageant as your lady in waiting and help wherever I was needed. It was a lot of fun watching them on stage and off.  In between events I got to explore all the fun shows and animals at their fair. A short time afterwards I got to go to the NPRA finals where I had a blast meeting and greeting so many wonderful folks. It was an amazing rodeo to watch and help out at.

My next stop was in Tillamook for the coronation where I got to help show off the auction items to help fundraise for their year. While I was in Tillamook, I also got to join the Columbia County Court in a quick visit to the creamery making new memories and friends.

My second event in November was the Northwest Youth Rodeo Association awards ceremony and coronation where I saw so many of my friends and the 2024 Teen Miss Rodeo Oregon Hallie Haslebacher.  Man, that was a exciting month. My first stop in December was the Toy N Joy event where I ran into Santa and my friends the Columbia County Court where we sold raffle tickets to help struggling families get the supplies they needed to have a good Christmas.

In the spirit of Christmas and helping one another, our community has a Christmas parade competition between each other called the 7-mile Challenge that is a two-day event where they collect food for the local food bank.  It was 32° out both nights and was so much fun seeing the community come together for a great purpose.

Well, I need to sign off for now to finish preparing for my coronation event on February 3rd at the Columbia County Fair Grounds in St. Helens. You should come and enjoy with your loved ones if you can!

Until next time.
Kayla Hunt
2024 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon

Downtime at the MRO Pageant

Canby Fairgrounds

Canby Rodeo with two Juniors and two Teens

NPRA Finals, Salem

Juniors 2023 and 2024


At the Tillamook Creamery with 2023 Queen Savannah Moore, 2024 Columbia County Queen Madison Blackburn, 2024 Columbia County Princess Lindsay Weltsch.

At the Tillamook Creamery

At the Tillamook coronation

Tillamook coronation

Northwest Youth Rodeo Association coronation

Ladies in Waiting 2024 JMRO Kayla Hunt and 2024 MTRO Hallie Haslebacher

With Sadie Bateman and NWYRA Queen


New horse, Koda

Toy N Joy event



7-Mile Challenge Parade collecting food for the food bank on Saturday and Sunday nights


Thank you, 2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon Zoe Brooks!

All of the MROIF Executive Board was present in Las Vegas to support MRO Zoe at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.  There is always a sense of anticipation and curiosity about how the week will progress.  But the truth is that we don't measure our Miss Rodeo Oregon by the decision of the four MRA judges.

Our measure is more personal because we have had many, many months to appreciate how well Zoe approached the job of 2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon.  We can state unequivocally that she performed to the highest standards in her professionalism, making all appearances and fulfilling all expectations (and more).  She was tireless in her travel in and out of Oregon and placed her title above personal considerations.

It is also a measure of her success that she is adored and respected by her fellow 2023 titleholders--MTRO Morgan and JMRO Reegan.  A healthy team relationship doesn't automatically develop but is nurtured and encouraged to flourish.

Thank you, Zoe, for all that you brought to the title of 2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon and always know that you are held in the highest regard by the Executive Board of Miss Rodeo Oregon Inc. Foundation.


Sponsor Shoutout

We are grateful for MROIF sponsors who generously lend their resources and talents to the success of our titleholders.

Donna Riva of Western Reflections Originals sponsored the leather suit which Zoe wore during her personal interviews.  Donna also fashioned an Oregon vest which Zoe has donated to the perpetual wardrobe for future titleholders.

Coming on board in 2023 was Denise Stringfellow of Stringfellow Tailored Leatherwork.  She sponsors the chaps Miss Rodeo Oregon wears during her year and at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.

Pendleton Woolen Mills donated the Pilot Rock blanket and a Weekender bag for the Bucks for Bags Scholarship Auction at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.  Along with some Pendleton whisky, the winning bid for the package was around $1200!  The Scholarship Auction generated $43,000.   The following day, $115,000 was awarded at the MRA Pageant with all contestants receiving a scholarship.




Thank you, MROIF Sponsors!