The Oregon Queen — November 2022

The Oregon Queen — November 2022

November 20, 2022 Off By Lois Forester

2022 Miss Rodeo Oregon Avalon Irwin!

Many times in my life I have been encouraged to be present in each moment as it comes because you aren't guaranteed another moment like that. It took some time and practice to really take that advice to heart, but I am so glad I did because it changed the trajectory of my life. This year has come and gone so fast, but I can honestly say that I worked hard to be present for every moment of it. I am so grateful for the experiences that this position has given me, and so grateful to all of you that have experienced this year along with me.
During the month of October, I might have been down for the count on the 50 horse challenge, but I was still able to participate in some of the month’s events. I was able to do an interview with our current Miss Rodeo America, Hailey Frederiksen. That interview will be posted on Miss Rodeo America’s social media in the weeks leading up to the pageant, so make sure you give them a follow.
In October I also had the opportunity to participate in the Columbia River Circuit Finals. It is always such an honor to get to ride in the arena during such a prestigious event. In my humble opinion the Columbia River Circuit is one of the best circuits around and I am so grateful to get to be a part of it. During the Circuit Finals the Columbia River Circuit Queen Pageant took place, I was incredibly grateful to be invited to attend those events. I also had the opportunity to participate in Rascal Rodeo where I got to visit with new and old friends who were in attendance. To top off an incredible weekend, the Miss Rodeo Oregon Board hosted a sendoff party for me. I was able to show off some of the wardrobe that will go to Vegas with me as well as share my preparations and experiences with my community. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me!
Currently I am spending most of my time preparing for the upcoming Miss Rodeo America Pageant and in the spare time I do find, I am preparing the high school equestrian team that I coach for their upcoming season.
Looking back on this year my hope and prayer is that by being present in each moment I was able to have a positive impact on the lives of those around me. God puts us in certain places at certain times for a reason. I am grateful He put me right here right now, my hope for you is that you can find joy in the place He put you.
Avalon Irwin
Miss Rodeo Oregon 2022
P.S. I would love to hear any encouragement you might have while I am at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant! You can email me at and put “Oregon” in the subject line or you can send roses by ordering them through this link:







All the royalty gathered for Avalon's party!

Board members at Avalon's Good Luck Party--Lynn Haynes, Tanya Cloutier, Julie Singer, Tanya Marie Utberg, Diane Utberg

Hostess for the party, Kayla Vincent, the new National Director-Oregon beginning January 1, 2023.

1st VP Tanya Cloutier with Queen Alexis Goughnour of Clackamas County Fair & Canby Rodeo

Looking Ahead to 2023 and our new Titleholders! (plus Executive Board changes)

We are excited to welcome MRO Zoe Brooks, MTRO Morgan Brownell, and JMRO Reegan Bills next year.  We also have a couple of changes at the board level:

President -- Lois Forester

Vice President -- Tanya Cloutier

National Director -- Kayla Vincent

Junior/Teen Director -- Tanya Marie Utberg

Treasurer -- Diane Utberg

Secretary -- Carol Shull

Junior/Teen Advisor -- Glenda Franich

We are immensely grateful to both Julie Singer who served six years as President and Lynn Haynes who served as National Director for Oregon for 15 years (but has served on the board since 2003!!) They will be honored at one of the 2023 coronations!!


2023 Miss Rodeo Oregon Zoe Brooks


2023 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Morgan Brownell


2023 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Reegan Bills

2022 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Destiny Wecks!

Just like that, it's the end. This is the last newsletter of Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2022 and what an outstanding year it has been!  I want to mainly give huge thanks to the many people who made it all possible.
I want to thank my parents Vixen and Jeffrey for always being there for me and supporting me at each and every rodeo and event. Though my dad was working many rodeo weekends, it was amazing to have him in the stands cheering me on and helping zip tie on flowers for parades, the ones he was able to attend. Now, none of my long-distance rodeo trips would have happened without my amazing mom! She drove basically everywhere and helped me with anything I needed from getting parade numbers, tacking up my horses, and talking me over rough patches on my bad days.
Next a must--I want to give the biggest of thank yous to all my sponsors, large and small. Each of my sponsors helped me with funds to cover fuel, motels, food costs and of course to pay for my custom pieces part of my year--chaps, saddle, saddle pad, bridle, reins, parade serape, parade shirt, and so much more! This doesn't even go to list the other great things I was able to have sponsored over my year! Thank you to each and every one of my sponsors as well as the great MRO sponsors!
MROIF and each and every one of those dedicated members and directors, without you I wouldn't have had this year to work so hard to make you all proud. Thank you to those amazing ladies who donate their time, experiences, money and so much more.
My last few events of my year have included going to the 2022 Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo in Redmond. I didn't ride in the rodeo by my two great horses Kyra and Ariel but they got to be the main mounts for Miss Rodeo Washington and cattle mount for Britney, Miss CRC, during each of the rodeos. I got to also lead Kyra for the horse part of the Rascal Rodeo that weekend. Seeing the smiles and joy of those who got to swing a leg over reminded me how blessed I am to have great stock for my year.
Before leaving central Oregon, I stopped in at the Miss Rodeo Oregon Send Off Party for Avalon Irwin. We got to see some of her America outfits before the pageant starts and hear about some planning she's done for the pageant. Best of Luck, Avalon.  It's been a great year with you as my older sash sister.
I've been very busy with college, but I was able to come home for a weekend and prepare for yet another clinic.  I was able to teach and instruct just over the mountain in Milton Freewater.  My mom and I, and past Walla Walla Queen Advisor Cindy Granger, led a full circle rodeo clinic. We helped lead rodeo queens, parents, advisors and directors to find what they know and build better for the future about their jobs. This clinic was so fun to new title holders and parents along with seasoned ones grasping all working parts of a good rodeo queen while learning to become a team together.
In the next months I'm looking forward to driving down to Las Vegas for the NFR, BFO Finals, some needed Cowboy Christmas shopping and to watch the Miss Rodeo America horsemanship and coronation. I'm excited to be watching my favorite part of pageants: horsemanship for this big national pageant and the end result of the coronation on my birthday!
It will all come to a final close in February.  I am looking forward to crowning my sash sister Morgan during her coronation! Held in Salem on the 11th, she still has tickets and is in need of items for the auctions to raise money for her year!
Again, thank you so much to everyone who has made my year such a dream come true and have helped fill it with so many memories!
Don't let the dust settle on your heart; keep the sunrise in your soul.
Blessings--Destiny Wecks, 2022 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon

Royalty at the Circle of Success Rodeo Queen Clinic

Introduction for the Send Off Party

Testing my luck again with the rank green bull at the Rascal Rodeo

Britney, Miss CRC 2022, being my outrider for the horse Rascal Rodeo

Zoe and Britney after the speeches part of CRC Pageant

My parents and I on the way to the 2022 Columbia River Circuit Finals

College dorm roommate Hailey and I eating at the college cafeteria!

Avalon and Lexy after Horsemanship for the 2023 Miss CRC Pageant

Avalon and my dad getting ready for the luncheon and speeches of the Miss CRC Pageant

Good Luck, Avalon, at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant--November 27 to December 4!

Purchase roses at $7.50 each to be delivered to Avalon during the MRA Pageant. Link:

Avalon's Bucks for Bags auction item! This will be auctioned off on Saturday Dec 3 and all proceeds will benefit the MRA Scholarship Fund. Pendleton Woolen Mills donated the Pendleton blanket and Weekender bag. Board members contributed hazelnuts, wine, cheeseboards, and more.

2022 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon Carrie Woods!

This whole year has really flown by! It feels like just yesterday I was writing my first newsletter, but here we are, on my last one.
It’s a bit weird to think that it’s already November because October sure flew by! Although I didn’t get to do any queen activities last month, I still got to stay busy by finishing up my volleyball season, and of course riding my horse. Last month I got to go to a few gaming play days and even went to a breakaway roping clinic! Then I started off November by attending the Tillamook County Rodeo Association Coronation.  Congratulations to Queen Brooke Anderson and Jr Miss Brynnen Blaser! I got to help out with the dessert auction as well as the live auction.
This past week my parents were on their way to Wisconsin to help a friend move but they had a few truck issues on their way there, so now my brothers and I are headed to go get them! Only a few more hours there and about 11 back! There’s never a dull moment for the Woods family, haha.
Although my time as JMRO is coming to an end, I am still so excited to watch Miss Rodeo Oregon Avalon shine in Vegas!! I leave the 28th and will get to watch multiple portions of the pageant! And even though 2022 is almost over, I can’t wait to see where the crown takes Reegan in 2023! She is going to have a great year along with Morgan and Zoe! Thank you so much to all of my amazing sponsors because your help to get me through my year is greatly appreciated! Thank you to my family and friends, and especially the MRO board and Destiny and Avalon, this has definitely been a year to remember!
Carrie Woods 2022 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon

With 2023 LIW MTRO Morgan and JMRO Reegan and Miss Rodeo Oregon Sweetheart Hailey at the TCRA coronation!

At the TCRC playday, I won Junior high point!

Jr Miss TCRA Piper and I had to recreate the bouquet toss from last year!

From queen horse to rope horse, Sue can do it all!

My last Jr High home game and we won!

Coronation Season is Fast Approaching!




April 7-9, 2023

It's been on our facebook page for months now as a "save the date" but we just want to remind you that our annual Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic is just around the corner!  Registrations will open February 1.

Almost ready to debut the MRO Store!




Within the next couple of weeks, we will be setting prices for coronations and you'll be able to purchase your tickets on our website!  We are so grateful to Chad Morris of Fervent Media for the work he has put into making this happen.  You will also be able to pay for clinic registrations in the store as well.  Thanks also to Treasurer Diane Utberg for making the transition away from PayPal to help us avoid fees.  You'll be able to use your credit card, but our expenses will be much less.