The Oregon Queen–May 2019

The Oregon Queen–May 2019

May 16, 2019 Off By Lois Forester

Taylor Ann Skramstad, 2019 Miss Rodeo Oregon!

April was a month full of learning! We started off the month with our annual Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic and our main clinician Keri Sheffield! We learned and practiced many of the skills necessary to be outstanding representatives for the sport of rodeo. For me especially it was early mornings, full days of learning and late nights for my homework.

I was also able to carry the American flag and help where needed. Rodeo Jeopardy was a fun way for us to practice our rodeo knowledge, and I got to use the color pairing section to help me figure out some colors for my Miss Rodeo America wardrobe. Also can’t forget to mention the food was absolutely amazing!

I spent the middle of the month catching up on homework and preparing for the busy summer months ahead. I’m so excited to unveil all of my planning and custom pieces at the Portland Rose Parade in the beginning of June!

To conclude the month, I was able to attend the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Queens Coronation, which was a lovely event! Their court got to model their wardrobe pieces throughout the night, and we were blessed with stories from the 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, and 2009 courts! I was also surprised with a sponsorship from the Chief Joseph Days Board of Directors, and am so thankful for that!

Cheerfully--Taylor Ann Skramstad

Chatting with some of the clinic attendees about my experience as Miss Rodeo Oregon.

Modeling during the clinic! Thank you to Trail Song Photography for this beautiful photo!

Leading the serpentine during the horsemanship portion of the clinic! Thank you to Trail Song Photography for this beautiful photo!

Always an honor to carry the American Flag! Thank you to Trail Song Photography for this beautiful photo!

Finding which color swatches looked best with my skin tone!

An amazing night with the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo community!

Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon Meredith Moore!

April wasn’t as busy as March, but it sure was a great month! We kicked things off with the Miss Rodeo Oregon clinic in Madras. It was an amazing weekend filled with a lot of information and tools passed down by former Miss Rodeo America Keri Sheffield, the beautiful former Miss Rodeo Oregon Kayla Vincent and MRO board members.  The things learned during the three day clinic were things that were valuable for not only those wanting to pursue a title, but for successful networking, public relations and communications.

There was a good turnout and I met some wonderful new friends and learned things that I will use in everyday life.

I was able to visit  a Lutheran school in The Dalles, where I was able to teach another Ag in the Classroom class. I have come to really enjoy visiting the kids in classrooms. The students have been so welcoming, inquisitive and it’s been an amazing experience.  I love sharing the world of agriculture with these kids, who might not otherwise learn anything about where their food comes from and how agriculture keeps the world turning....

Until next month!

Meredith Moore


Loved presenting "Ag in the Classroom"!

Mr. Radliff, teacher at the Columbia Lutheran School in The Dalles.

Classroom at Columbia Lutheran.

Wild Rag courtesy of D & D Wild Rags!

With Keri Sheffield

2019 MRO Clinic!

Taylor's truck had to be hauled back home for a diagnosis. Nicole Israel and Rowdy brought my and Taylor's horses all the way to Pendleton!!

Outwest Printing & Design - Garner's Sporting Goods

Rowdy Israel, 2019 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon!

April started off with a bang! Getting to attend and be a part of the Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic was a true pleasure. With the head clinician being Keri Sheffield, we learned a lot and had some great leadership throughout the event in Madras Oregon. Keri was the 2018 Miss Rodeo America and 2017 Miss Rodeo Florida. The MRO board once again put on a great successful clinic and if you didn’t get to attend this year, make sure and sign up for next years clinic.   You don’t want to miss it!

April has been prep and prepare time before the season of travel officially kicks off. I worked with my sponsor Toolin Turquoise Leather Co. on my tack set and saddle pad from Best Ever Saddle Pads for a unique cactus look to go with my cactus chaps. I also got together with my sponsor Tani Wenger Photography for a photo shoot to get autograph sheets and I have been working with my sponsor E & R Graphic Designs for the trailer graphics that are coming to showcase all of my sponsors.

I got to enjoy Easter with my Wilkinson Creations family and my mom.  Meeting up at the Pineville Leather Show with my sponsor Painted Hills Custom Leather was another April highlight. All visiting royalty got to visit with the vendors and sign some autographs. Looking forward to May because there are some more fun events on my schedule!

Thank you to my sponsors big and small!  I couldn’t do this without you all!

Rowdy Israel, 2019 JMRO

Prineville Leather Show, put on by my sponsor Painted Hills Leather with visiting royalty from Central and Eastern Oregon.

While I got to pack the Oregon flag, Miss Rodeo Oregon Taylor got to pack the American flag for the Grand Entry at the Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic on Sunday.

Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic Participants and families that attended.

During my photo shoot with Tanni Wenger Photography, her cat kept coming in and posing in my pictures, so we got a couple funny cat pics too!

2019 Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic with Keri Sheffield, 2018 Miss Rodeo America and 2017 Miss Rodeo Florida. She was a great clinician and had so much knowledge to share!

Teaming up with Best Ever Saddle Pads and Toolin Turquoise Leather has been a great thing and I am so appreciative. This shot was taken at my favorite arena located at one of my sponsors, J & R Tobin Ranch in Dayville, Oregon.

Prairie Springs Fish Farm - Canyon City Mobile Market - John Day Auto Parts


A Look Back at Last Year's MRO Pageant!

As excitement builds and the time for 2020 Miss Rodeo Oregon applications to be submitted draws near, it's enjoyable to look back at the days that were the 2019 MRO pageant.  The deadline for applications is June 15!


Grand Entry four times at the Canby Rodeo.

Plenty of interaction with curious and adoring children

Managers of restaurants love to have their photos taken with rodeo queens

Lynn Haynes fills so many roles -- Oregon's National Director, Co-Director of the pageant, and all-around encourager and supporter

One of the highlights is the Fashion Show sponsored by Boot Barn

Always, always the best judges

Exciting to see fashions the contestants choose

Happy to sign autographs at the Ford Booth, a longtime sponsor who provide vehicles for both contestants and judges

Eager anticipation of the magic that is a Bob Roy saddle

It all begins at 3 pm on a Wednesday and ends with coronation on Saturday night!

For being in a contest, they sure seem to like each other

Just plain goofy fun

Must be a great horsewoman to be Miss Rodeo Oregon

Meet Tanya Cloutier, Pageant Director

A new tradition is shopping at Boot Barn in preparation for the Fashion Show

2019 Clinic with Keri Sheffield!

The unofficial verdict is that the 2019 MRO Clinic was the finest ever, hands down.  Check out many pictures of the event on the Clinic portion of the website!  It was a treat to receive an album of arena photos from CK Ferrache of Trail Song Photography a few weeks later.  We post just a few of them here for your viewing pleasure and with great appreciation for her sharing her talents with us!!

New Sponsor!

We welcome Hamley Western Store with grateful appreciation for their leather artistry!