The Oregon Queen–January 2020

The Oregon Queen–January 2020

January 2, 2020 Off By Lois Forester

Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020 Samantha Henricks!

When people tell you, “The time will fly by,'' they are not kidding. The months since the Miss Rodeo Oregon pageant in August have done exactly that.

I wanted to kick off my first blog entry by telling you a little bit more about myself! I am twenty-four years old and I have lived in the Rogue Valley my entire life. Currently, I call Grants Pass my home. I grew up alongside my younger brother, Jake, younger sister, Jessie, and my parents, Lyle and Lisa. When I was younger, I was very involved in the 4-H program, particularly the swine and horse projects, where I graduated as a nine year member. I also was a four year member of Oregon High School Equestrian Teams (OHSET), competing for Grants Pass High School, until I graduated in 2014. I played soccer for ten years and alongside my family, was always competing in breed and open shows with my mule.

Currently, I work at Siskiyou Community Health Center as a CCMA and in my spare time I coach the Grants Pass and North Valley High School Equestrian Teams. As I am planning next year, I cannot help but reflect on the reasons I wanted to become Miss Rodeo Oregon. These same reasons are becoming an instrumental part in coordinating this next year. Of course, traveling across the state and country, not only representing Oregon, the PRCA, the sport of rodeo and the western heritage and family values the industry stands for, are all driving factors. However, I want to spend extra time this year representing the youth, especially youth who are involved in agricultural programs like the ones I grew up with. My goal, or platform if you will, for 2020 is to submerge myself into programs like 4-H, High School Rodeo, FFA and Equestrian Team as these programs are where the next generation of rodeo athletes and ambassadors lie. Plus, I believe that the younger generation needs positive role models to show them anything is possible with hard work, grit and determination, qualities nearly every rodeo athlete displays.

During the months after pageant I have had multiple appearances. First, I traveled to Gaston, Oregon where I met 2019 MRO Taylor Ann. Here, we both were able to be a part of their annual car show. Though it was incredibly warm, we had fun walking through all the cars and trucks and even got to select one to recognize with the MRO’s Choice Award! Next, I was able to be a part of the 2020 Miss Northwest Pro Rodeo Association (NPRA) Pageant. I was invited to be a Little Miss Judge and well as the contestant chaperone for the Miss contestants. Both were a huge honor as I served as the 2017 Miss NPRA. In October, I was asked to be a guest at the 2019 Grants Pass High School’s Booster Club Auction. If anyone has ever been to any Grants Pass Athletic event, you will see how instrumental the Booster Club is for the school, and ultimately the community of Grants Pass. If you were following the MRO Facebook page, you will see that I was able to make the trip down to Las Vegas for the 2020 Miss Rodeo America Pageant to support Taylor Ann. And when I say trip, I mean a seventeen hour car ride with my mom. Gotta love snow and chains! Though I have been the National Finals Rodeo before, I had never been to any pageant events. I have to say, if you ever have the opportunity to go to the Miss Rodeo America Fashion Show, do it. That was definitely the highlight of the trip. I also got to see Horsemanship, the Chap Parade, and Speeches. I also attended the 2020 Lady in Waiting breakfast as well as the Rodeo Royalty Seminar.

As January approaches, I am getting geared up for the Columbia River Circuit Finals and the Denver Stock Show and Market. Then I will head north to attend the 2020 Teen MRO Coronation and will wrap up the month at the OHSET Southern District Meet where I was asked to be a guest speaker. I truly hope that time starts to slow down, though I have my doubts! I want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point and those who will continue to support me. I hope to see you all in my travels!

Sincerely, Samantha Henrick

Rowdy and I after the Miss Rodeo America Fashion Show

Ladies in Waiting

One of my wonderful sponsors

Judges at the NPRA Pageant

I'm their coach!

Ladies in Waiting

My mom and I at South Point in Las Vegas

At the Little Miss NPRA Pageant

Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2020 Ainsley Goughnour!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been six months since my name was announced as the 2020 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon. What a humbling experience. I feel so honored to be able to represent rodeo and the state of Oregon in 2020.

My time as Lady in Waiting has been so much fun and very busy. Morgan (Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020) and I met the Miss Rodeo Oregon Board at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds to go over our contracts shortly after the pageant. This made things feel so real to me. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried.

In August, I attended the Miss Rodeo Oregon Pageant. We kicked off the week with a pajama party. At the PJ party we hung out with the current Miss Rodeo Oregon title holders, Miss Rodeo Alaska, Jonna Drew, and contestant Samantha Henricks. I had a blast playing games; I have to say Meredith and I didn’t win but we made a pretty good team. The next morning was Horsemanship. Taylor Ann used my horse Pete; he was also one of the draw horses. I love being able to share him with the rodeo queen world. During Horsemanship, Morgan and I sold programs and cheered on all the contestants. Right after horsemanship I headed over to the Clackamas County Fair and Canby Rodeo Court Ice Cream Social where I met up with the St. Paul Rodeo Court and Candy Rodeo Court.  We then hustled over to mock TV interviews with the contestants; I was surprised to be called up for an Interview as well. During the fashion show, I helped sell raffle tickets and was introduced as MTRO 2020. I don’t think that will ever get old. Standing with all of the visiting royalty (including my sister who is the Santiam Canyon Queen) was such an honor. I was also able to be there when Samantha Henricks was crowned 2020 Miss Rodeo Oregon.

My first official photoshoot was at the Oregon Gardens. I’d like to thank AZ Photography for all the amazing pictures and for braving the 100 degree day with me. She came up with some great shots. September brought the NPRA Finals and 2020 Miss NPRA Pageant in Salem. I was announced during the performance and was asked to help hand out bandanas to the crowd during the rodeo. I was also able to spend time with Samantha and Morgan as well as 2019 MTRO Meredith and JMRO Rowdy. We all have a great time together and I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing group.

October was the beginning of rodeo court tryout season in my area. I attended the St. Paul Rodeo court tryouts, my hometown rodeo, where I helped collect score sheets and helped take down the trail course. Congrats to Kearsten, Saige, and Monica -- I can’t wait to travel our great state together!

Morgan and I, along with our families, made the drive east to Taylor's send off party. I had a blast supporting Taylor. We introduced ourselves and enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner. Watching Taylor model her MRA outfits and wishing her well before she traveled to Las Vegas was definitely worth the four-hour drive (one way). The Clackamas County Fair and Canby Rodeo Court tryouts were next on my lady in waiting agenda. Spending time with Maddie and Savanna (2019 CCF&R Court), taking pictures and looking through all of their memories gave me even more excitement for my year. All of the contestants did amazing and I’d like to congratulate the 2020 CCF&R Court Nicole, Alexa, and Marlee and I can’t wait to spend more time with you guys this coming year.

Winter arrived with a blast of cold weather and snow in Central Oregon over Thanksgiving so of course I had to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and do a second photoshoot in Bend in the snow. It was very cold but worth it for the amazing pictures. A special thank you to Jed Lowrie Photography for braving the single digit temperatures to get some amazing shots.

I have been working hard on finding sponsors and donations of auction items for my coronation, dinner and auction. My coronation will be held at the Clackamas County Fair and Event Center on January 18, 2020. It should be a great evening of celebration. I hope to see you there. Congratulations to Meredith Moore on an outstanding year as Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2019. She set the bar high and I’ll do my best to follow in her footsteps with grace, joy and lots of laughter. Here’s to an amazing start to what’s sure to be an amazing year. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. I couldn’t do it without you.
Cheerfully yours--Ainsley

Ainsley and Morgan after signing contracts

At MRO Horsemanship selling programs

After Samantha's crowning

Mock TV Interview at MRO Pageant

MRO Pageant Fashion Show with JJ Harrison

MRO Pageant Pajama Party

Announcement of Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2020

It took quite the crew to get the perfect snow shots! My toes were frozen but it was so worth it

With Morgan and the 2020 St. Paul Rodeo Court

Newly crowned Miss NPRA 2020 Nicole Rice

At Taylor's send-off party with Morgan, Rowdy, and Meredith

Photoshoot with AZ Photography at Oregon Gardens

Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo 2019 Court Maddie and Savannah at the 2020 tryouts

Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon 2020 Morgan Brownell!

I can’t believe it’s already 2020!  It seems like just yesterday I got crowned.  I grew up with rodeo queens all around me and I always wanted to be one of them.  When I got crowned 2020 Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon it was the happiest day of my life and I realized I got to be one of those girls I always looked up to as a kid. I can’t wait for all the adventures 2020 has in store for me.

My first event as Lady in Waiting was the Miss Rodeo Oregon pajama party. We had a coloring contest and many other fun games.  The day after that, I helped sell programs with 2020 MTRO Ainsley at Horsemanship and I also got to cheer on the girls in the arena. I wasn’t able to make many appearances at the MRO pageant because I had my youth rodeo finals that weekend but that didn’t stop me from making appearances.

I had my youth rodeo finals in Philomath. On Saturday I ran barrels and had goat tying.  Later that night there were court tryouts for the 2020 Northwest Youth Rodeo Association. I got to make a Lady in Waiting run in during horsemanship and help with speeches. On Sunday, I had team roping and pole bending in which I placed 5th!

My next Lady in Waiting event was going to NPRA Finals. The first night, MTRO Ainsley and I got to go to the VIP seating and during grand entry we were introduced.  I got to attend the Miss NPRA fashion show and later that night see Nicole Rice get crowned as the 2020 Miss NPRA.

My second to last event was going to Miss Rodeo Oregon Taylor Ann’s good luck party for the Miss Rodeo America pageant. I got to help with auctioning off a dessert to help raise money for Taylor to go to Las Vegas.  I also got to write Taylor Ann a little good luck note that was going to be put into a scrapbook for her to take to the Miss Rodeo America pageant with her.

Finally I had my last event of 2019 and that was the Hoof 'N Holler New Years Eve Rodeo in Albany.  2019 JMRO Rowdy Israel was also there to crown me at midnight. We started off with handing out programs to the people as they came in the door. We then got to help with giveaways in the arena between events. Rowdy crowned me at midnight officially as the 2020 Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon.   

I have been super busy planning for my coronation that is going to be held on February 22nd. It is a lot of work with all of the planning that needs to be done.  I have also been excitedly finding a chap maker and getting my chaps designed and all the leather ordered to get them started.

Until next month--Morgan Brownell, 2020 Jr Miss Rodeo Oregon

Ainsley and I at the Horsemanship portion of the MRO pageant selling programs and watching the girls

Me competing in barrel racing at my final youth rodeo of the season, doing a run in at the 2020 NWYRA tryouts and helping with speeches

Me competing in pole bending and team roping at my final youth rodeo of the season

Ainsley, Sam, and I at NPRA Finals

Rowdy, Ainsley, Meredith and I at the MRO PJ Party

Getting introduced at NPRA Finals

Rowdy, Meredith, Ainsley and I at Taylor Ann's good luck party for Miss Rodeo America

Handing out programs as people came in the Hoof 'N Holler

Rowdy crowning me as the official Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon at the Hoof 'N Holler at 12 midnight on New Years

January 18 Coronation!!





Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors!

We couldn't do what we do without the financial and in-kind sponsorship of these folks.  Bob Roy is the leather artist who provides saddles for all our titleholders and leather frames for our judges.  Jeff Wong is our official pageant photographer and generously provides personal albums for all contestants and gives us the official first portraits of every new Miss Rodeo Oregon.  Clackamas County Fairgrounds and Canby Rodeo have been our generous hosts during every pageant since 2011.  The family of Jim Haynes continues to provide financially for too many items to list.  The man who designed our website, Chad Morris of Fervent Media, makes us look good in every way.  Tillamook County Rodeo partners with the Junior Teen Pageant and provides the arena and meeting space.  Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo provides the space and arena for our annual Spring Clinic.  Pendleton Woolen Mills sponsors the blanket that is part of the Miss Rodeo Oregon auction bag at the Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Auction.  Hamley's sponsored the perpetual serape that Miss Rodeo Oregon uses.  Boot Barn provides the fashions that we use in the Fashion Show every summer.  Best Western sponsors the conference room at the Wilsonville location.  Canby Ford sponsors vehicles for our judges and contestants.  Douglas Harmon CPA tabulates the score sheets for our Miss pageant.  Rocking R5 Ranch Rodeo Co. is the voice of the Horsemanship competition and also provides the cattle.

We salute you all!