The Oregon Queen — December 2018

The Oregon Queen — December 2018

December 22, 2018 Off By Lois Forester

What a Year It Was!

A look back through a few of the year's milestones, with appreciation for the dedication of four titleholders who brought honor to their roles and responsibilities!

Jessi Cornforth, Miss Rodeo Oregon 2018

Bethany Rowe, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2018

Kayla Vincent crowning Jessi Cornforth

Coronation -- Bethany Rowe

Lauren Gibson with her director, Angie Vachter, and Misty Gibson.





Addy Crouch, Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon 2018



Lauren Gibson, 2018 Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon


Jessi with her parents, Denis and Cheri Cornforth



Addy Crouch with her father, Marty Crouch



Jessi's coronation!

MTRO Addy Crouch, JMRO Lauren Gibson, and MTRO Bethany Rowe

Jessi at Rodeo Houston

Bethany Rowe's 2018 platform was bringing awareness to Down Syndrome.

Beautiful photo of Jessi by Julia Smith.

Signing autographs is a huge part of the job.

Executive Board of Miss Rodeo Oregon, Inc.

Board Members meet monthly and gather once a year at a central location for a day-long planning session. From left to right: Angie Vachter, Tanya Marie Utberg, Lynn Haynes, Raylah Holm, Lois Forester, Julie Singer, Tanya Cloutier, Carol Zimmerman

Addy at the MRO clinic

Jessi and Staci Trehern

Fun group who love their Jessi!

Bethany and Jessi at the MRO clinic

MTRO Addy and Bethany, MRO Jessi and JMRO Lauren


2018 MRO Queen Clinic with Staci Trehern.

Bethany Rowe wanted to bring awareness to Down Syndrome and planned a special rodeo day with activities from barrel racing to bull riding!

Addy Crouch's platform was to promote Suicide Prevention Awareness.

Lauren with JJ Harrison

Jessi at the Portland Rose Festival parade.

Jessi's platform was the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund and each flex picture posted online with the jccf hashtag generated funds for this cause.

Captain of the Crew!

All of the Miss Rodeo Oregon titleholders plus contestants for the 2019 Sweetheart, Junior, and Teen titles and Philomath Frolic and Rodeo!

Rowdy Israel won the title of Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon 2019.

Meredith Moore is the 2019 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon.

Jessi at the Chief Joseph Days parade.

Jessi and MRO Inc. hosted the 2019 pageant.

Carrying Old Glory at the Canby Rodeo.

Jessi crowning 2019 MRO Taylor Ann Skramstad.

Spectacular Jessi at the Fashion Show.

Horses, Horses, Horses!  Cowgirls of the finest kind!


Pendleton Round Up!

Jessi and MRO hosted twelve state queens at the Round Up.

Addy Crouch, Lauren Gibson, Jessi, Bethany Rowe at Jessi's Good Luck Party.

Jessi modeled some of the fashions she would wear at MRA.

Advertise your support for Miss Rodeo Oregon!

We ventured into merchandising in a small way by introducing Miss Rodeo Oregon hats at Jessi's Good Luck Party and we nearly sold out!  Oak Horse Embroidery has produced more and you can order any of the five colors online at our website.  Watch for these and all-new cloth hats and visors with the classic MRO logo in leather at the upcoming coronations!


Miss Rodeo America Pageant


Jessi with her mom, Cheri, Lynn Haynes (National Director), Taylor Ann Skramstad, and Kelly Skramstad.  All of the folks there to support Jessi had to content themselves with glimpses of her because all events were photographed professionally and photographs could only be taken outside the contest in public areas.

"It Takes a Village"

They say it takes a village to raise up a child, and spending a year in the limelight as a state titleholder requires a similarly dedicated team of individuals. We give a symbolic “tip of the Greeley hat” to all of the volunteers, sponsors, and loved ones who uplifted our Jessi and allowed her to shine this year. Thank you to those friends who held her horse’s reins in a downpour, her family members whose sunglasses are now permanently covered in a light dusting of hairspray, and everyone else who wrote a check or helped light her path with your kindness and encouragement.


Some of Jessi's friends and family!

Canby Rodeo!

High Desert Stampede!

Former Miss Rodeo Oregons Kayla Vincent and Jackie Bates.

Member Barb Carr of the Horsemanship Committee.

Bethany Rowe, 2018 MTRO; Angie Vachter, Jr/Teen Director; Lauren Gibson, 2018 JMRO

Sponsors and long-time neighbors Craig and Gail Sines.

Clay Rhodes, Canby Rodeo President

Board members and Borderland Clinic Founder, Dona Rutherford.

Grandma Jean Etter with Denis and Cheri Cornforth.

Ladies In Waiting, soaking it up before it's their turn in 2019.

Member Renewal in January!

If you're a returning member or have decided to join for the first time, filling out the application and paying dues is easy.  Go to the Member section of the website, save the PDF to your computer, complete the information needed, and email the completed application to our secretary at  Payment is also easy via PayPal.  A nice little benefit is the membership card you'll receive with which you can get a 15% discount at Oregon Boot Barn stores!

From all of us to all of you....Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday!