Bethany Rowe - 2018 Miss Teen Rodeo Oregon

  1. Title 1
Bethany Rowe, the 18-year old daughter of John and Renee Rowe, resides in Coquille, Oregon.  She shares her home with her older brother Johnny, her younger sister Jessica, and all of her animals.  Bethany takes pride in her school work, recently graduating from high school and half way to an associate’s degree.  When she is not riding one of her beloved horses, Sox or Tuffie, she is probably out hunting, fishing or playing on the lake. 

Bethany is confident that with God above her, family behind her, and her horses beside her, her future will be very bright and full of rodeo. Bethany’s personal goals for this year include promoting rodeo and the western way of life, representing Coos County and the great state of Oregon, and increasing Down’s Syndrome awareness. She hopes to take the Coos County Down’s Syndrome children to the 2018 Coos County Fair and Rodeo.